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FAQs for France

Buyers’ FAQs for France

What are the different types of property in France?

There are three main property types in France:

  • Leaseback

    Some larger developments require you to lease back the property through a professional management company when you are not using it. This will last for a minimum of 9 years, although you can stay there when you need for up to 90 days a year. The leaseback method gives you exemption from VAT, which is big incentive.

  • Freehold

    You will find that most properties are freehold, which means are under no obligation to rent it out when not in use.

  • DIY leaseback

    If you buy a freehold property and decide to rent it out commercially, you will be able to reclaim VAT and enjoy a 20% discount off the gross purchase price.

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