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FAQs for Austria

Buyers’ FAQs for Austria


How much can I borrow from an Austrian bank?

When you are buying a touristic rental property in Austria you can borrow around 50-60% of the value. Banks also consider the rental income that the property will generate making it relatively easy to obtain finance on these types of properties

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What are the interest rates on Austrian mortgages?

Austrian mortgages tend to have favorable interest rates, often ranging somewhere between 2-4%. However, this can vary depending on the position of the market at the time.

How long are Austrian mortgages?

For a rental property, the mortgage term is often set to about 15-20 years to run alongside the rental contracts.

What types of mortgages are available in Austria?

The three main types of mortgages available in Austria include fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and a mortgage combination which merges two mortgage loans. Austrian mortgages are always full repayment mortgages, and no interest-only options are currently available.

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Rental Investment Opportunities

How do I rent out my ski property in Austria?

In nearly all new built properties there will be a designated rental management to take care of all the aspects of the rentals for you, often for a fixed commission on the income. If you do own an existing property that has rental permission without a designated rental management, you will often find there are several companies in the area that can help rent out your property.

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Do I have to rent out my ski property in Austria?

In Austria there are strict rules on how each property can be used. In most cases when there is permission to rent out the property touristic ally there is also an obligation to rent out the property at a profit for 20 years for tax purposes.

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How often can I use my rental ski property myself?

Because often there is the obligation to rent out the property at a profit, this limits the amount of own use to around 6-8 weeks a year from a tax perspective. In some cases, there are also conditions set by the rental management which may vary slightly from property to property.

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Is Austria a good place to invest into a property?

Austria is home to some of the most popular ski resorts in Europe and has a stable property market, offering a range of excellent investment opportunities.

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Has Austria’s economy recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Austria’s economy has grown quickly after the pandemic, thanks to a lifting of COVID restrictions, supportive government measures and a surge in holidays

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Buying a property in a company name

Can I purchase a ski property in a company name in Austria?

You can buy a property in a company name in Austria, providing the business is EU-based and that 50% of its shares are owned by EU citizens. You cannot buy an Austrian property in the name of a non-EU company.

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What are the costs of buying a property in a company name?

The cost of setting up an EU company can vary on the type of company you want to set up and the country where the company is registered. We can recommend a tax advisor to help you with this process.

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Are there benefits to buying a property in a company name?

The benefits of buying a property in a company name in Austria include being able to purchase with multiple owners. It also allows for tax-free ownership transfers via shares. As of 2022, profits on the disposal of a property owned by a company are charged at 25% compared to 30% for an individual.

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How much local property tax do I need to pay in Austria?

You will have to pay local property taxes in Austria, although this varies depending on the region. The government’s local tax calculator can help you find out the exact amount.

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How much rental income tax am I liable for?

As of 2022/23, rental income tax rates in Austria sit between 20% and 50%. How much you pay will depend on the tax band you fall into.

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Can I reclaim the VAT by renting my ski property in Austria?

You will need fill annual VAT returns and aim to make a ‘profit’ for tax purposes over a 20 year period.

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How much is capital gains tax?

Capital gains tax for real estate in Austria stands at 30% as of 2022/23.

Are there any further taxes I need to be aware of?

If you rent out your Austrian property to guests, they will need to pay a daily tourist tax to the local council. Villages impose this tax in order to raise revenue on properties registered as holiday homes – if your property is registered for permanent residency, the tax will not be payable. 

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Applying for residency

Can I become a resident in Austria?

Residency permits in Austria are available to people who wish to work or study in the country. You will have to be present in the country for a minimum of 183 days a year to be eligible to apply.

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How long can I stay in Austria for?

If you are planning an extended stay in Austria, you will need a visa which will allow you to remain the country for 90 days in any 180-day period.

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