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Buying Ski Property In Austria | Guide To Investing In Austrian Property

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Create Date August 31, 2014
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The process of buying property in Austria varies considerably to buying property in the UK, it is therefore advisable to familiarise yourself with the general rules and regulations.

Read the full guide to Investing in Austrian Property!


  • Investing in Austrian Property
  • Austrian Economy Update
  • Austrian Property Market
  • Purchase Process
  • Property Taxation
  • Property Rental Guide
  • Resort Property Guide

Although rules vary slightly from province to province, as a member of the EU buying property in Austria is highly regulated and very straight forward – for example, if you are an EU citizen you have the same rights and responsibilities as Austrian citizens regarding the purchase of homes in Austria.

If you’re thinking about investing in property in Austria download our free guide to buying property in Austria and discover everything you need to know before you make your investment. We cover all the essentials from Austrian property prices and the property market, the purchase process and what to expect from the buying process, how to get a mortgage in Austria, what you can expect to pay in taxes including information on exchange rates, VAT, capital gains tax and tourist tax, a guide on renting property in Austria and lastly a resort property guide covering Hochkonig, Gastein Valley, Saalbach Hinterglemm, Zell am See, Kaprun and Kitzbuhel

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Read the complete guide to Investing in Austrian Property and become an instant expert in the Austrian Alpine property market. The guide includes:

  • Austrian Economy Update
    • This section covers up to date information on the Austrian economy, including updates on employment, economic growth and inflation.

  • Austrian Property Market
    • This section covers the Austrian property market including supply and demand for Austrian property, key growth factors, trends of property investors, tourism and foreign investment, statistics on property prices and gross yields on new built alpine ski property.

  • Purchase Process
    • This section covers a comprehensive guide on the buying process and includes advice on the following:

  • Kaufanbot agreement
  • Purchase contract
  • Purchase costs
  • Notary fees
  • Stamp duty
  • Land registry fees
  • Agency fees
  • Mortgages
  • Exchange rates
  • Who can buy Austrian property?
  • EU citizens
  • EU companies
  • Non EU citizens

  • Property Taxation
    • This section covers information on VAT, capital gains tax, tax on rental income and tourist tax.

  • Property Rental Guide
    • This section covers a guide on letting property in Austria, this includes rental returns, estimates on expected rental figures across Zell am See, Saalbach, Kitzbuhel, Kirchberg, Bad Gastein, Maria Alm and Kaprun and further information on rental pools, rental guarantees and allotment agreements.

  • Resort Property Guide
    • This section covers a comprehensive guide on each of the regions and subsequent villages including the type of ski slopes, proximity to airports, summer and winter activities and estimated budgets for each area. The area guides cover the following resorts Hochkonig, Gastein Valley, Saalbach Hinterglemr, Kaprum Zell am See, St Anton and Kitzbuhel.
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