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Buyer's FAQs for Austria

Is Austria a good place to invest into a property?

The short answer is yes, Austria is a good option to invest in a ski property. There are many reasons as to why Austria is a great choice and here are some examples:

  • Austria is home to some of the most popular ski resorts in Europe such as Fieberbrunn, Zell am see and many more.  offering a range of excellent investment opportunities. Main points of interest for investors are as follows:
  • Austria has a stable property market. Property prices have remained relatively flat in recent years which makes for a good choice for a lowrisk investment.
  • Continued growth in the tourist industry, particularly outside the traditional winter market
  • Higher yields compared to other alpine markets attracting international investors
  • Well capitalized local banking sector with low mortgage borrowing rates
  • Riskaverse investors seeking stability in blue-chip economies.

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