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Buyers’ FAQs for Switzerland

Can Foreigners Buy a Property in Switzerland

The purchase of second homes by non-resident foreigners is governed by the Lex Koller. It allows foreigners to own just one second home in Switzerland. Foreign buyers are not allowed to resell their property for the first 5 years (except in certain circumstances, e.g. divorce, death, bankruptcy etc). Foreign owners are required to use their property for at least 3 weeks a year. This is not monitored, but it means that renting out the property on an annual let is not permitted.

US citizens will find it difficult to borrow from a Swiss bank, so buying in a French resort may be a better alternative.

If you are looking to buy a second home then you will also need to apply for a foreign buyer’s permit or purchase an apartment or chalet that is already owned by a non-resident and used as a second home. Alpine Property Finders will be able to assist in this process and advise which properties are suitable depending upon your needs.

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