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Living and Working In Val d’Isere, France

Living and Working In Val d’Isere, France

Living and Working In Val d’Isere, France


Alpine Property Finders own sales and marketing expert James Lewis shares his insider tips having spent a winter season based in the resort. 


Introduction to Val d’Isere


Looking to purchase property in the French Alps? This guide provides you with a detailed and valuable insight into the incredible Val d'Isère lifestyle.


Initially, I was unaware of the profound impact Val d’Isere would have on my life, proving to be some of the best 5 months I have ever had. However, it didn’t take long for Val d’Isere to illustrate its elegant lifestyle. Each morning, I was greeted with a stunning view of the Olympic ski run “La Face”, a sight that would soon make anyone fall in love with this resort.


The appeal of Val d’Isere for property buyers


During my ski season in Val d’Isere, I worked as a property technician. I had the privilege of visiting a wide range of apartments and chalets. Each visit offered a new insight into these impressive residences. From spacious chalets overlooking Le Fornet to convenient ski-in/ski-out homes, the variety and grandeur justified the strong demand in the area.


Throughout the village, there is a remarkable selection of apartments, many of which with their own wellness facilities. Additionally, a large number of chalets are made with private indoor swimming pools. I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas Party in one of the many luxurious penthouses, an experience I won’t forget. These penthouses, capable of accommodating up to 14 guests, are designed to leave you in awe. 


Val d'Isere is listed in Knight Frank's Ski Property Report 2023 as having a prime property price of 20,900 per square meter for a four-bedroom chalet. Despite the premium pricing of these properties, the village’s exclusivity and status as a top-tier resort make it a magnet for high-net-worth individuals seeking both personal enjoyment and investment opportunities.



Discovering the slopes 


Living in Val d’Isere, you are spoilt for choice. Whether it’s world-class skiing, five-star dining or a vibrant nightlife, options are abundant. 


This resort is often blessed with sunshine, making it perfect to get up early and spend your day on the slopes. Beginners will find comfort on the green slopes at the top of the Solaise, while experienced skiers can challenge themselves on the red runs that lead to the base of the ski lifts. Alternatively, Grand Motte is great for some longer runs.


The Val d’Isere ski area neighbours Tignes, giving you a massive 300km to explore. If you find yourself at this wonderful resort, it is essential to discover the four corners. 

On this journey, you’ll get to see the top of Tignes Glacier, Tignes-les-Brevieres, Val d’Isere Le Fornet and Val d’Isere La Daille. Tignes can be accessed via Tommeuses, and when returning you have two options. La Daille, in which you can get a free bus back to central Val d’Isere or the exhilarating black diamond, La Face.


Along with exceptional skiing, the village is equipped with gourmet restaurants, high-end boutiques, and wellness spas. L’Atelier d’Edmond, situated in Le Fornet, is a famous Michelin-star restaurant that offers authentic recipes and fine dining. In the centre of Val d’Isere, 1878 is a steakhouse that won’t disappoint you. 


Real estate insights from a skiers perspective


My first journey into Val d’Isere remains an unforgettable one. The traditional chalets, wooden lodges and lively atmosphere are nothing short of spectacular. This resort is not only world-class in its offerings but also in the calibre of properties available. 


I’ve always been interested in real estate. Each time I would get the free bus around Val d’Isere, I found myself captivated and almost in a daze. I would envision the life I could lead while residing in such an unbelievable location. I never wanted to leave.


Skiing around Val d’Isere or utilising the lifts, it’s impossible not to be struck by the properties around you. You find yourself contemplating the possibility of owning a second home here. For many, including myself, Val d’Isere is at the top of the list of dream locations in the French Alps.



Conclusion: Why Val d’Isere captures the heart


Investing in property or buying a second home in Val d’Isere involves much more than living in one of the world’s best ski resorts. It is an opportunity to embrace a lifestyle for those who seek the finest in life. 


Feeling inspired by my Val d'Isère experiences? Whether you're looking for a seasonal adventure or a permanent move to the Alps, we're here to help you find your perfect Alpine property. 


Many of the finest ski chalets and penthouses in Val D’Isere are sold ‘off-market’ and won’t be listed on websites. 


So please do get in touch if you are looking for a property in the village as we are likely to have a few surprises up our sleeve! 



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